Cute Maltese

Our goal is to produce quality, healthy, and happy puppies.  We strive to make sure you have nothing short of a great puppy buying experience, and offer ongoing support throughout the life of your companion.  We encourage you to stay in touch with any and all questions and concerns regarding your fur-member.  We are here to support you on your journey to owning a wonderful companion!  

Thank you to all of our wonderful buyers for being great parents to our fur babies!  For even more photos and testimonials from our buyers, please see below.


Gryff 5/31/18 goldendoodle. Boundless energy and love. Great with our kids, neighbor kids, and other dogs. We don’t know what we would do without him.

-Sara Dahlin Satloff

Calypso & Columbus

Irish Farm Kennels is the greatest. I got my first doodle, Calypso from them in 2018. They were so informative and helpful, I got to visit every week until she got to come home. So 2 months later I decided to get another doodle, Columbus from them. They are so organized and caring, such a great breeder. They love and care about each and every dog so much. Great support even after you have your fur baby home. Thank you Irish Farm for such great doodles. I love them to moon and back.. and we love Irish Farm just as much for being so great.

-Christy Conrad


We love Rogue! He has been the absolute best brother to our new addition. We couldn’t imagine a better family member than Rogue. So many thanks to Irish Farm Kennels for an amazing pup. Cannot thank them enough!

-Travis Endo

Molly Mouse

Molly Mouse was born on Valentine’s Day 2018, at Irish Farm Kennels. She has been a blessing and my best friend. Chelsea and Dani Lou are great people and have been there the whole time to answer any questions from dog food to training tips.

I had the pleasure of watching Molly grow from birth to eight weeks old, when we took her home. We went to the kennels once or twice a week. We always found the dogs to be not only well cared for but kept in a clean and loving environment. If I ever get another dog it will be from Irish Farm.

By the way, I’ve seen a couple of negative reviews on Yelp and I just can’t give them credence. We have a large community of Irish Farm doodle owners and attend doodle romps. I’ve never heard a negative comment about Irish Farm and they are a great group of dog lovers that wouldn’t cover for a poorly run breeder. In fact a number of the group have purchased a second dog from Irish Farm.

Don Enochs

Ziggy & Matilda

My Irish Farm doodles are the coolest. I’m constantly stopped by people to tell me how beautiful they are. They’re smart, funny, protective, enthusiastic, unbelievably fast runners, energetic and most of all super loving.

The support from Chelsea is second to none. She is helpful and always happy to offer assistance if needed.

Georgia Spittler


Ebony is suited up and ready for work. She is a great service dog, trained to correct for a left visual field deficit, to "catch" me when I fall, get me up or get help if she can't, alert me when I am tired, hot and/or confused. Ebony is great in crowds and is a star wherever she goes  — with bean fairbanks


Hi Ladies, I have Marshall a goldendoodle from Irish Farm Kennels born 1/29/2016. He is the best dog EVER! He has such a sweet nature and people were just drawn to him since the day we brought him home. We decided to share him as much as possible. He passed his therapy dog test on the first try, without even taking a "formal therapy class". He comes to work with me and many customers come in just to see him. He brings love to everyone he meets and he has made our lives much more fulfilled! Thank you!

Marilyn Embree

Meet Sailor,
Sailor is a two year old goldendoodle. She is the love of our life and brings happiness to everyone she meets.
Thanks .
Tony —

I feel like a superstar. Irish Farm Kennels, where I was born and spent the first 8 weeks of my life asked me to befriend them to day on facebook. Since so many people love me, I thought you would want to see where I lived before I chose my Mom. Woof. (and peace out, word to the mother). — with Ozzie.

We brought our goldendoodle, Jazz, home about a month ago and he is the sweetest, most loving, and mellow dog I've ever seen. He goes to school with me everyday and the students are as crazy about him as we are. We have already started some private obedience training and he is doing so well!

I'm attaching a recent pic for you so you can see how adorable he is. We are in love!

Thank you!
Carrie, Justice, Cruz, and Jazz


We got Marshall our goldendoodle from you 2.5 years ago and believe we have the best doodle ever! He passed is therapy dog test on the first try without even going to the therapy dog school. He comes to work with me and is the highlight of many customers visits. I have since met other owners of your doodles and they all feel the same way. The personality, health & intelegence is only surpassed by their beautiful faces! We refer you every chance we get.

Thank you,
Marilyn Martinez

Oreo as a Baby

We got our golden Doodle from you in January this year. We came to your kennel looking for a Golden Doodle but ended up with something else J

We love Oreo very much and I have enclosed pictures of him. The first is the day we got him from you and the next two pictures were taken just this summer when we were in Westport and Ilwaco. He is a lovely dog and with the best disposition any dog can have. He is well loved by all of us and everyone in the neighborhood. He is very healthy and is quite a big boy now. I remember him being 12 lbs at his first vet’s visit a day after we got him and now he is close to 47lbs!


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It is so nice that Marley's breeder Irish Farm Kennels, continues to care and support me with raising Marley. . Wish I had the same kind of support when my kids were smaller. Funny how much interest and help I have had with Marley, much more than I ever did with the boys. I am very grateful, because having a puppy is much like raising a 2 year old. Lol. Sometimes I have to dig deep to find my sense of humor, but it is there, an it helps she is stinkin cute!